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A Beginner student will learn basic chords (Open, 7th, Power) and rhythm patterns, applying them to popular music and learning how to follow along to a simple song sheet. The Pentatonic and Major Scales will be introduced and for those who are interested, incorporating the skill of singing and playing at the same time.

Beginner Student Rates
At my home:
30 min: $25.00 -- 45 min: $35.00
At your home:
30 min: $30.00 -- 45 min: $40.00

*Discounted Bulk Rates
At my home: five, 30 minute lessons --- $105.00
At my home: five, 45 minute lessons --- $150.00
At your home: five, 30 minute lessons --- $130.00
At your home: five, 45 minute lessons --- $175.00

-I accept cash, check and debt/credit cards for lessons-
-Rates increase the further you are away from my location-
*Payment in full at the first lesson for bulk rates*

Cancellation Policy:
24 hr. notice of canceled lesson: NO CHARGE
23-0 hr. notice of canceled lesson: PARTIAL TO FULL CHARGE
"Student has to work late, and cancels lesson 3 hours before time."
"I show up for lesson at students home and they are not there."

Each lesson plan is specifically tailored to the student's ability and musical interests. This is a general lesson plan for Beginner students:

Lesson 1:
-familiarize the student with the fret board and individual strings
-talk about the musical alphabet, sharps, flats, major, minor, etc.
-learn "open" chord fingerings
-practice basic rhythm patterns
-at the end of the lesson we talk about bands you listen to and material you would like to learn

Lesson 2:
-work on finger exercises
-begin working on a song with all "open" chords
-familiarize the student with basic song structure: Verse, Refrain, Bridge, etc.

Lesson 3:
-work on finger exercises
-work on picking techniques
-continue working on song from previous lesson
-add another song with all "open" chords

Lesson 4:
-go over the two songs with all "open" chords
-learn "power" chords

Lesson 5:
-learn finger exercises to help with "power" chords
-add a song with one or two "power" chords in it
-continue working on two previous songs with all
"open" chords

Lesson 6:
-finger exercises for "power" chords
-working on picking techniques
-work on all three songs

Lesson 7:
-learn the minor Pentatonic Scale
-continue working on songs
-finger exercises for "power" chords

Lesson 8:
-practice all three songs
-learn the basic concepts of singing and playing at the same time

Lesson 9:
-finger exercises
-learn the Major scale
-go over all four songs

Lesson 10:
-review of the past nine lessons