Chicago Guitar Teacher -Advanced Guitar lessons












An Advanced student will learn progressive chords sets
(Barre, 9th, inversions) and "genre" specific rhythm patterns. Complex soloing techniques (alternate picking, arpeggios, modes) will be explored and for those who are interested, working on songwriting and recording skills.

Advanced Student Rates
At my home:
30 min: $30.00 -- 45 min: $40.00
At your home:
30 min: $35.00 -- 45 min: $50.00

*Discounted Bulk Rates
At my home: five, 30 minute lessons --- $130.00
At my home: five, 45 minute lessons --- $175.00
At your home: five, 30 minute lessons --- $155.00
At your home: five, 45 minute lessons --- $215.00

-I accept cash, check and debt/credit cards for lessons-
-Rates increase the further you are away from my location-
*Payment in full at the first lesson for bulk rates*

Cancellation Policy:
24 hr. notice of canceled lesson: NO CHARGE
23-0 hr. notice of canceled lesson: PARTIAL TO FULL CHARGE
"Student has to work late, and cancels lesson 3 hours before time."
"I show up for lesson at students home and they are not there."

Each lesson plan is specifically tailored to the student's ability and musical interests. This is a general lesson plan for Advanced students:

Lesson 1:
-learn "barre" chord shapes and incorporating into songs
-learn all five positions of the pentatonic scale
-learn the 12 bar blues progression, playing in various keys

Lesson 2:
-practice the "hop-scotch" method with pentatonic scale
-review various time signatures
-begin working on a popular song, focusing on lead and rhythm parts

Lesson 3:
-practice picking techniques with soloing (alternating picking, rakes, finger-tapping)
-continue working on song from previous lesson and switching between rhythm and lead parts
-add another song focusing on rhythm parts

Lesson 4:
-go over the two songs switching between lead and rhythm
-learn all five positions of the Major Scale
-learn basic arpeggios with the Major Scale

Lesson 5:
-review Major Scale and learn about Major-Minor Relative
-learn soloing techniques from the "great guitar" players
-work on a specific classic guitar solo

Lesson 6:
-continue work on classic guitar solo and working with rhythm parts
-work on "genre" specific rhythmic feels (country, reggae, funk, etc.)
-work on chord variations and inversions

Lesson 7:
-learn the various scales modes (Mixolydian, Dorian, etc.)
-learn how to mix various scales within a single key
-finger exercises for soloing technique

Lesson 8:
-review modes and using them with specific genres
-add new song or learn the basics of a
Jazz progression (2-5-1)

Lesson 9:
-learn exotic scales (Diminished, Melodic, Harmonic, etc.)
-switch between playing rhythmic guitar and soloing
-go over all four songs

Lesson 10:
-review of the past nine lessons